What place for Einstein at Salesforce?

Salesforce believes that the concept of artificial intelligence is now ready to enter business. And that it serves to fuel the growth of society. Having spent several months buying companies and including analytical tools in its platform, the Mark Benioff firm wants to bring smarter systems to its customers.

Over the past two years, after touting the benefits of its Salesforce Wave Analytics platform, the group has been spared buying redemptions to capture a cross-section of businesses and skills. His goal: to integrate artificial intelligence into all operational phases and all aspects of the company’s offerings, under the name of Einstein.

The marketing team has already launched its formidable machine to create the buzz, with the firm intention to position this new platform of AI in front of IBM Watson. In view of the media coverage and the outings of Marc Benioff, this suggests one of the themes of the next Dreamforce conference, next October.

For those who have been following the IT market for a long time, the concept of Artificial Intelligence is something familiar. This concept has existed for years and was put on the scene in the 80s and 90s. However, despite the projects started at that time, the hype gradually died out and many observers see it today as a failure. The reality is that advances in M2M, which have emerged in recent years, have been supported by the first generation of developments around AI.

The Cloud, Open Source and newer technologies have helped create a new generation of AI solutions that Salesforce, Microsoft and Oracle are thinking of integrating seamlessly. This has also helped to generate interest around the Internet of Things.

Yet it is rare for the technology industry to revive old terms like artificial intelligence to capture other market opportunities. Today, AI is considered a critical component to improve operational efficiency, customer engagement, and service quality across the industry.

Acquisitions have multiplied

With these ongoing acquisitions, the strategy of setting up an AI platform with Salesforce sauce is supported. The group spent more than $ 4 billion in 2016. Over the last 8 months, Salesforce has acquired MetaMind (Natural Language Processing), Coolan (analytics for the data center), Implisit Insights (automation) and PredictionIO (Machine Learning).

These acquisitions also complement the previous ones, supposed to extend the functional field of the group and to expand the Cloud portfolio. These repurchases also helped to evolve the company’s business model so that it can support a growing portfolio of solutions.

Salesforce has also been instrumental in driving analytics in the Saas, incorporating valuable dashboards into basic applications years ago. He not only continued his efforts to improve his own functions, but also encouraged developers to develop their own analytics applications and link them to Salesforce solutions.

The group also used these acquisitions to complete its portfolio of offers for businesses, with the acquisition ExactTarget, which powers its Marketing Cloud, or Demandware for its e-commerce platform. The group also bought SteelBrick for $ 360 million.

While the company has been working on the concept of the customer’s 360 ° view to better understand the needs, it has not yet managed to integrate all of these acquisitions into a single platform. What complicate the task of sales teams.

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