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Analyze Big Data to better manage your network

And it’s the same with Big Data. Big data can rightly be considered as the latest industrial folly, but that does not mean that this technology can make the essential transition from information to knowledge. Fortunately, a network administrator has various solutions to carve out the volume

TRANSCOM discreetly takes another shot at cloud

U.S. Transportation Command is discreetly getting ready for another shot at a cloud services contract after its arranged $950 million other exchange expert manage REAN Cloud flopped not long ago. Sources revealed to FCW that a demand for the proposition is coming this year, potentially when September.

New businesses of the Digital Era: Why Cloud is Pivotal

Path in 2006, when Amazon propelled its first IaaS offering, it began off by selling its products to new businesses and little organizations. The thinking behind the move was that new businesses and little firms are “cloud-local” and are snappier in embracing the cloud as they don’t

Cloud storage Use Cases

With regards to public cloud storage, some utilization cases are more functional and well known than others. As a rule, the accessible cloud storage administrations fall one of the accompanying classifications: Record Sync and Share Services that enable clients to transfer documents and photographs for simple sharing

Making a blockchain to make a blockchain makes no sense

The US Department of Commerce has just released a report on blockchains with several tips for businesses. More precisely, it is the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) which has written this sixty page summary document, entitled “Blockchain Technology Overview” . He returns in detail –

LTO-8 tape technology is insurance against disasters

Those who are satisfied with the absurdity that the implementation of a high-availability architecture is a substitute for the old-fashioned planning of a disaster recovery scenario, are today in the panade. The same is true for companies that have used cloud-based disaster recovery services that were actually

Extreme Networks’ New SDN Platform

With the new Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform, Extreme Networks relies on the open standard OpenDaylight. This should enable users to implement the SDN approach even in heterogeneous environments. Extreme Networks Announces the Availability of the Extreme Networks SDN Platform . The manufacturer is thus relying on

Web access security: new offers are troubling the game

The market for Web access security has changed significantly in recent years, with the emergence of rendering solutions. Gartner’s analysts tend to help companies navigate it. John Watts and Lawrence Orans, analysts at Gartner, say the market for securing Web access is based on an observation: “new