OMB refreshes cloud computing plan as DoD’s falls behind the calendar

The Pentagon is behind timetable in its push to grant a multi-billion dollar cloud computing contract over an absence of lucidity in its demand for recommendations, and it’s experienced harsh criticism from industry partners for seeming to support one organization in transit.

Why it is important: The Office of Management and Budget discharged a proposition Monday that is planned to enable offices to obtain cloud computing services quicker, and to better-adjust acquirement rehearses with industry norms. It’s the primary refresh to the technique in seven years.

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It’s about speed. “What we plan is to move quicker” with this system, OMB’s Chief Information Officer, Suzette Kent, told correspondents Monday — a few offices have been slower than others to the take-up of cloud computing.

The 10,000-foot view: The strains over the Pentagon’s ask for recommendations and the objectives illustrated in the present proposition feature the crisscross in desires between the private segment and the legislature with regards to technology acquirement.


To tailor acquirement practices to office needs: The technique is proposed to move far from a “one size fits all” way to deal with receiving cloud technology, and rather center around how every organization has distinctive missions and necessities that should be reflected in contracting, Kent said.

To stay aware of industry best practices for the cloud, per Kent. This is key since as of late the Pentagon has been condemned for seeming to skirt around the best routine with regards to utilizing a multi-cloud condition. Prophet has even formally tested the Pentagon’s procedure.

To move the service’s security center from physical security to cybersecurity as offices move far from concentrating on physical data centers to the cloud.

To modernize the workforce. The service will lessen its dependence on equipment service and will rather need to contract and re-aptitude in view of software abilities.

Rude awakening: This is only the kickoff to a more drawn-out process, and organizations and the private area alike will totally take longer than a year and a half to get up to speed with these objectives.

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