HP Introduces Cloud Managed Network Solution for Unified Networks

HP is expanding its software-defined networking portfolio, especially in the wireless sector. Cloud Managed Network Solution includes the Cloud Managed Network for network management from the cloud and the location-based SDN application HP Location.

HP expands with HP Cloud Managed Network Solution portfolio for unified wired and wireless connectivity. It includes the Cloud Managed Network for cloud network management, the HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) and the location-based software-defined networking application (SDN) HP Location. Businesses should thereby tap new economic benefits from the network.

HP logo”More and more people are accessing the corporate network with mobile devices, and more and more are using these devices for mission-critical applications. That’s why companies need adaptive, robust and secure WLAN solutions that are easy to deploy, “said Rohit Mehra, Vice President of Network Infrastructure at IDC.

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Small and Medium Businesses should be able to manage complex network infrastructures with HP Cloud Managed Network. The increasing number of mobile devices in the workplace are increasingly leading to overloading of networks. HP’s new wireless access points HP 560 and HP 517, on the other hand, are designed to control and increase the agility of the network. Both products support the IEEE 802.11ac protocol.

The HP 560 is also OpenFlow-enabled, allowing users to use SDN applications without having to replace their existing infrastructure. HP also offers the SDN Roadmap Service for the transition to Software Defined Networking. HP offers the HP 560 802.11ac access point for $ 1,199. The HP 517 Unified 802.11ac connector will be available in May. The price will be $ 499.

“With SDN-enabled wireless solutions that can be managed through the cloud, network managers gain greater flexibility and scalability. More importantly, they can program their network resources to best meet their business needs, “says Mehra.

Together with Citrix and MobileIron, HP wants to help companies launch BYOD initiatives. HP provides the HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) platform. There, customers can integrate their mobile device management solutions. With HP Secure BYOD Services and IP Address Management Services, the company says mobile workers can quickly integrate mobile devices into the corporate network.

The SDN application HP Location Aware is location-specific and is intended to be able to locate WLAN-capable devices in confined spaces to a depth of about two meters. According to HP, the technology enables a range of location-based retail, IT asset management and security applications. The solution integrates with HP’s Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller to help businesses capitalize on their WLAN infrastructure.

HP has developed the “SmartShopper” application based on big data analytics and location-aware technology. It serves as a “proof of concept” for HP Location Aware. It targets retailers and telecom operators and can send real-time location-based offerings to customers’ smartphones.

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