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Cloud storage and the problem of Minimizing repair costs

As the Big Data transformation proceeds with its exponential development, the issues of preparing and ensuring that additionally develop. Propelled ECCs – alongside equipment and geographic excess – can guarantee that data misfortune turns out to be more improbable than a space rock strike, at just a

Surviving the strength of hyperscale cloud specialist companies

As hyperscale cloud specialist co-ops enter the South African market, hosters, cloud suppliers and framework integrators alike are endeavoring to climb the esteem bind and position themselves to hold their significance. This is as per Louis Pienaar, GM endeavor item and item improvement for Liquid Telecom, talking

Mythics Achieves Oracle PartnerNetwork Specializations for Oracle Management Cloud and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service

Mythics, Inc. an honor winning Platinum Level individual from the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today declared it has accomplished Oracle Specializations for Oracle Management Cloud and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Through the OPN Specialization process, Mythics has shown involvement, mastery, and achievement in the offering, sending

Oracle ushers next-gen cloud computing time at GITEX 2018

Most recent Autonomous; Artificial Intelligence; Blockchain; Internet of Things (IoT) advancements will enable organizations to picture their future in the computerized economy Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Interactive demos of Oracle’s most recent cloud developments including Autonomous; Artificial Intelligence; Blockchain; Machine Learning, and more at GITEX 2018 will

GPU, RAM and SSD: turbos for analytics

RAM, SSD or not, GPU or CPU … when it comes to shortening the time to generate query results on a large volume of data (structured or not), some technology providers rely on methods of acceleration This is for example the case of AeroSpike, GridGain or MapD

DHL experiments with drones

Employees at the so-called Posttower in Bonn can now order medicines via the DHL Paketocopter in a pharmacy on the other side of the Rhine. Delivered in this test on five days by drone. The test run will start on Monday in Bonn. Thus, the German Post

Protecting Information System Hosts: Crowdstrike Essentials

Crowdstrike among the first publishers to have chosen the path of integration between prevention (EPP) and investigation (EDR) on the hosts of the infrastructure, workstations and servers – the famous endpoints . A trend in which are now registered more and more players , especially from the

Blockchain as a Service through Microsoft Azure

Microsoft now wants to provide the existing blockchain as a service offer as a marketplace and platform for different forms. Even individuals should be able to benefit from the new services. The blockchain as a service offer (BaaS) wants to expand Microsoft on the cloud service Azure