Extreme Networks’ New SDN Platform

With the new Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform, Extreme Networks relies on the open standard OpenDaylight. This should enable users to implement the SDN approach even in heterogeneous environments.

Extreme Networks Announces the Availability of the Extreme Networks SDN Platform . The manufacturer is thus relying on the open source technology of Open Daylight, but the new platform also provides controller support for OpenStack and the competing standard OpenFlow .

The SDN platform is based on a powerful  OpenDaylight (ODL) controller. It summarizes network management, network access control, application analysis and wireless controller technology. The vendor retains compatibility with the ODL programming interfaces, but adds its own enhancements for additional functionality such as automation, orchestration, and data center deployment.

Thus, users should be able to migrate existing networks to an SDN platform. Elaborate updates or the acquisition of new hardware network components are not necessary for this, the manufacturer assures.

In addition to backward compatibility with existing infrastructure components and conformance to the OpenFlow standard, an Extreme Networks OpenDaylight-based API and Software Development Kit (SDK), together with a developer community, provide open standards. In addition, Extreme Networks has also been a member of OpenDaylight since the beginning of June.

Another advantage of this standardization is the development of applications for network solutions. Anyone who has developed an application so that they can better utilize the bandwidth of a data center, for example, has always written an application for the controller or the proprietary operating system of a particular manufacturer. Due to standardized interfaces, this dependency on a single manufacturer falls away for a while. It also allows users to introduce new infrastructure and new applications faster than ever before.

“By developing open APIs, networks are changing, enabling the adaptability and efficiency that businesses and service providers need,” said Markus Nispel, Extreme Networks’ vice president of solutions architecture and innovation. By the way, Nispel also regularly blogs exclusively for silicon.de .

Nispel emphasizes to silicon.de that for users of an SDN solution, the focus is less on costs, but rather on companies trying to gain more flexibility in the network. For Nispel, the market is still young and still very fragmented. Therefore, the use of open standards is so crucial.

In contrast, Extreme Networks is well prepared for an SDN strategy. “The larger providers have more to lose through SDN than to win,” explains Nispel to silicon.de. By contrast, Extreme Networks now wants to become one of the five most important SDN providers in the coming years through its commitment to open standards such as OpenDaylight. This should also be supported by the fact that Extreme offers solutions for WLAN, campus and data centers and thus has a complete solution portfolio.

Network expert Nispel believes that by 2016 or 2017, the share of SDN technologies in the entire network market will be around 10 percent and will have a volume of about $ 3 billion. The revenue share of software will be between $ 300 and $ 600 million. “The bigger part will still be the hardware components, at least in the next few years.” The idea of ​​building a powerful and reliable solution based on cheap white label boxes and components in a data center The industry still several years away, estimates Nispel.

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