Blockchain as a Service through Microsoft Azure

Microsoft now wants to provide the existing blockchain as a service offer as a marketplace and platform for different forms. Even individuals should be able to benefit from the new services.

The blockchain as a service offer (BaaS) wants to expand Microsoft on the cloud service Azure further. Azure BaaS will be scaled up to a “certified block chain market” this spring, according to Marley Gray, director of technology strategy to Coindesk .

“We and our customers want access to every blockchain. Two people in a garage could forge Bitcoin and have a brilliant idea that others want to try. We do not want barriers. We’ll even get the smallest players on board, “Gray continues. The Microsoft manager also emphasizes that Microsoft will not impose a single technique, but leave it to the market.

Microsoft had initially its Azure block chain service with Consensys based on Ethereum in November 2015 started . Quickly partners such as the Bitcoin start-up BitPay and the document storage system Factom were added.

Azure BaaS provides a sandbox to try out blockchain techniques of all kinds. Blockchains became known through bitcoin, but are not limited to digital currencies. Rather, it can also be used to hedge other transactions, such as stock trading and other financial services. A blockchain consists primarily of a record of transactions with a timestamp. This then an identification option and a proof of authenticity is possible. In addition to financial transactions, for example, information from the Internet of Things could be protected against unauthorized access via Blockchain.

However, Microsoft does not want to compete with customers and partners, Gray clarified in the interview, but “trying to act as a platform provider.”

Specific industry offerings could come from partners, but not from Microsoft itself: “They will not see us as a platform for stock trading.” But what can be offered is an environment that provides “fast feedback” and rapid responses to new developments.

For example, technology companies and financial service providers under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation are also creating a blockchain offer . Participants include IBM, Intel, Cisco, Fujitsu and VMware, Deutsche Börse and the London Stock Exchange Group, as well as the major banks JP Morgan, State Street and Wells Fargo. You’re talking about the “Open Ledger Project,” which is about “Project Open Account,” which is supposed to create a Distributed Ledger system.

At the same time, IBM also introduced developer tools for blockchain applications as part of the developer framework Bluemix on the basis of the Hyperledger project . The IBM offering includes a blockchain-as-a service as well as a new consulting unit from IBM with multiple branch offices that companies can use to extend processes and applications with blockchain technologies .

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